Ghyll Head

This time next week, we will be in Ghyll Head. How exciting!
Some of you might even have packed already. Remember, Ghyll Head can provide most of the specialist equipment that you need so you shouldn’t need to buy anything extra. Just pack plenty of clothes.
If you have lost the kit list that we sent home, you can download a copy from the Ghyll Head website.

Don’t forget to remind your parents to follow me and Mr Alderdice on Twitter because we will be posting lots of photos and updates throughout the week.

Rocket cars!!!


Hey Guys!! Kit here!! last week we went to Chorlton high and we made are rocket cars. the bloodhound project is a really cool project which means you can make a rocket car and race them against your friends! my rocket car is called the epona express and my team name is team TRIFORCE!! (a winning name) and I am in a group with josh and ben (check out there blog posts) I will post the results when its finished! heres a picture of what the actual bloodhound looks likeImage result for bloodhound carthanks for reading guys! PEACE!!!!